Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles — Long Beach

Whether you live in California or not, chances are you’ve heard of Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles. There are a few locations around Southern California — mostly in the Los Angeles area, though a new restaurant is opening up soon in Anaheim. Restaurant locations include:

  • Long Beach
  • Hollywood
  • Pasadena
  • Los Angeles (on Manchester Blvd.)
  • Los Angeles (on Pico Blvd.)
  • Inglewood
  • Anaheim (coming soon)

I have to admit — the thought of waffles and fried chicken did not sound appealing. I’m not one of those people who like to mix salty with sweet, but out of nowhere, I really wanted to check this place out and see what all the talk was about. The entire Globe Munchin’ gang drove over to the Long Beach location on Broadway on Black Friday — we were hoping most of the crowds were at the mall, but it was still busy! That’s a good sign.


The menu is prettyย expansive — I knew what I wanted to have before I got there, so it was just a matter of finding it on the menu.

Roscoes menuSince we were pretty starving around lunchtime, we decided to try out the Chicken Chili Cheese Fries. That was a pretty awesome decision, if you ask me. The plate of fries — topped with chili, cheese and chunks of chicken — was huge, so the entire table shared. It was definitely a favorite of the outing.

Chicken Chili Fries

Next, we each ordered meals and split up what we could. We had the Carol C. Special (chicken breast and one waffle) the Obama Special (three wings and a waffle) and a couple other plates with different chicken pieces with waffles.

Carol Special Roscoes

Roscoes chickenAs if that wasn’t enough food, we decided to order a couple sides of the “famous” mac and cheese. While it was good, it probably wasn’t the best I’ve tasted — and it was an additional $4.90 for each serving.

Roscoes Mac and CheeseOverall, the food was great. The chicken was nice and moist — sometimes buying chicken can be a little hit or miss, depending where you go. While we all came away super stuffed, the bill was a little higher than we would have expected, but five people ate for about $80 (including beverages, taxes and tip).

— Laura

Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles
730 East Broadway
Long Beach, CA 90802
(562) 437-8355


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