Gin Sushi — Pasadena

Gin Sushi is in Pasadena, right on Colorado Boulevard between Madre Street and Rosemead Boulevard. This place doesn’t really look like much of a restaurant from the outside. You might think they fix cars or sell auto insurance but don’t judge a book by it’s cover. As soon as you walk in you’ll see a large, Japanese style bar and a very roomy dining area with large booths and tables.

I don’t recommend you come here alone or with just a couple people. The portions are large and fairly inexpensive (5 people came to about $60). If you don’t like seafood or sushi, then they have awesome chicken and beef teriyaki as well as a Korean BBQ chicken plate and other, non-seafood dishes. My personal favorite is the Sea Eel Roll but their Philly, Octopus, Spicy Tuna and Omega rolls are also top of the line.

Teriyaki beef and chicken lunch platter
Crispy Roll
Sea Eel and Octopus rolls
Philly Roll


— Jose



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