Lamajoon Mediterranean Shish Kabob — Cerritos

This is a pretty good Mediterranean eatery despite the fact that it’s in a mall food court. Actually, it’s in at least more than one food court, the one I went to was at the Los Cerritos Shopping Center in Cerritos, CA.

Like any other food court restaurant, the Lamajoon is a little pricier than what you expect to pay for fast food. I paid $6.99 for a Gyro value meal, which included fries and a drink, but that’s pretty much the price for an In-N-Out Double-Double meal. They weren’t stingy with the tzatziki sauce, which is probably my favorite part of the whole meal! The meat was delicious too, though I’m partial to salty food and that’s exactly what the meat was, greasy (not overly greasy) and salty. My only complaints, the fries were very much bland and the pita bread was way too hard and ‘bready’.

If you’re hungry and you find yourself in the Los Cerritos Shopping Center then it’s worth eating here…unless you’re in the mood for some Red Robin (also in the same mall).


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